Followers dashboard

The individuals who follow your Twitter account are your most accessible audience. Your followers have opted-in to see your content regularly, giving you the opportunity to communicate with them for free for as long as they follow you.

To help you understand this critical group, the Followers dashboard provides you with a real-time look at your follower growth, demographics (such as location and gender) and their unique interests. This information is an incredibly valuable tool that can help you create campaigns and content that better align with your audience on Twitter.

How to use it

  • Follower growth

    See how your follower count has grown over time and get a breakdown of growth by campaign. By drawing connections between spikes in followers and your various marketing initiatives (both online and offline), you’ll be able to identify the efforts that are most successful at driving your audience growth on Twitter.

    Follower growth chart
  • Follower interests

    Learn which interests make your followers unique compared to the Twitter average, as well as their top interests overall. These insights can inform both your organic activity and your paid campaigns on Twitter. 

    Womens retailer unique interests

    For instance, in the example above, we see that the followers of this clothing retailer are more likely than the average user to be interested in dresses, skirts and women’s tops. In order to drive engagement organically, this business might create a regular feature in which they share sneak peeks of their latest womenswear and solicit feedback from followers. 

    You can also see the top interests of your followers. Though these are not specific to your followers, these interests can still offer valuable insight into the content they’re likely to engage with.

    Top interests screenshot

    Looking at this same account, we see that their followers’ top overall interest is music. Knowing this, when expanding their audience with Twitter Ads they could incorporate a musical partnership into a Tweet Engagement campaign or give away concert tickets via a Lead Generation card, in an effort to connect with more users like their followers.

    Check in with the Followers Dashboard frequently to see how your followers’ interests change over time. It can be a constant source of information and inspiration as you plan activity on Twitter.
  • Follower locations

    You can learn about where your followers are located. Whether you’re an advertiser with a physical location or you’re purely online, knowing where your followers are can help you plan for better promotions, campaigns and connections.

    Top cities screenshot

    For instance, this advertiser has a large follower base that’s concentrated in the US, and within that country, in New York state and New York City. Armed with that information, they would draw on New York’s rich cultural history to inform their organic and paid campaigns. From a tactical perspective, they could also geo-target their campaigns to the New York area to target users similar to their existing followers, or they could target different regions and cities in order to diversify their follower base.
  • Followers’ genders

    You’ll be able to see what percentage of your followers are male and which are female (for more about how we infer gender, see our gender targeting page).

    Gender split followers screenshot

    Whether your business has a specific gender-focus or not, this information can help you inform the content you share on Twitter. If you are interested in targeting one gender at any point, you can also check in with these statistics during your campaigns to see if you’re successfully attracting your desired audience. Because everything in the Followers Dashboard is updated in real time, you can optimise quickly.
  • Other accounts your followers follow

    You can see the top Twitter accounts that your followers also follow. This is a helpful insight when creating content and designing campaigns. These accounts can inform your targeting, serve as inspiration when it comes to content and may even be worthwhile partners for future marketing efforts.

    Other followers screenshot

    For example, this advertiser’s followers also follow several consulting journals and business news sites. For their next Twitter Ads campaign, they may want to use @username targeting to target the followers, and people similar to the followers, of these accounts. They might also want to look at the content these accounts are sharing organically and see if there are any best practices they’d want to emulate, such as Tweeting interesting charts and infographics or inviting followers to download exclusive content.

By regularly checking in with the real time updates on your Followers Dashboard, you’ll be much more informed about your community on Twitter. There are countless ways to use these valuable insights and they all involve sharing the most relevant and interesting content to your current followers and others like them. This leads to higher engagement levels for you and a better experience for your audience.