Followers dashboard

The individuals who follow your Twitter account are your most accessible audience. Your followers have opted-in to see your content regularly, giving you the opportunity to communicate with them for free for as long as they follow you.

To help you understand this critical group, the Followers dashboard provides you with a real-time, audience insights into your follower growth, demographics (such as location and gender), consumer behavior, lifestyle type  and mobile footprint to help you analyse your Twitter followers. This information is an incredibly valuable tool that can help you create campaigns and content that better align with your audience on Twitter.

Depending upon the size of your community, the audience insights below will vary per business. To access the dashboard, visit then click on the Followers tab.

How to use it

Follower growth

See how your follower count has grown over time and track your Twitter followers to get a breakdown of growth by campaign. By drawing connections between spikes in followers and your various marketing initiatives (both online and offline), you’ll be able to identify the efforts that are most successful at driving your audience growth on Twitter.


You can learn about the composition of your followers: where they’re located, their gender, marital status, household income category, education level and more. Whether you’re an advertiser with a physical location or you’re purely online, knowing who and where your followers are can help you plan for better promotions, campaigns and connections.


Learn which top lifestyle type your followers fall within and the interests that make them unique compared to the average Twitter user. In addition, discover their favourite TV genres and the charitable donation categories they support. 

Check in with the dashboard frequently to see how your followers’ interests change over time. It can be a constant source of information and inspiration as you plan activity on Twitter.

Consumer behaviour

Understanding the actions that your followers take can go a long way to inform the types of content that you provide to appeal to their needs. On the consumer behaviour tab, you’ll get a high level view of consumer buying styles, consumer goods purchases, types of credit cards that they hold and more.

Mobile footprint

Finally, you can see the mobile footprint of your followers broken out by wireless carrier and device categories such as mobile or desktop.

If you’re a mobile app developer, you can use these insights to enhance the targeting criteria of your Twitter Ads campaigns. For instance in the example above, a developer may create separate campaigns for both iOS devices and desktop computers since the majority of their users fall within those two categories. Then, you can target specifically users who have T-Mobile and Vodafone as their wireless career. Pinpointing your exact audience with these insights will ensure that you’re reaching similar people to your followers who are more likely to be interested in your produce or service.

By regularly checking in with the real time updates on your Followers dashboard, you’ll be much more informed about your community on Twitter. There are countless ways to use these valuable insights and they all involve sharing the most relevant and interesting content to your current followers and others like them. This leads to higher engagement levels for you and a better experience for your audience.