Grow and engage your follower base

The value of a follower

When someone follows you on Twitter, they not only opt in to see your Tweets – they also take actions that provide value to your business. In fact, the findings from our  ”Small Business Customer Insights Study” (2014) show that followers can help you achieve reach, sales and word of mouth:

Even a single follower can benefit your business in these ways. Now multiply that benefit by your total number of followers. Then consider Twitter’s millions of monthly active users and the followers that you can attract in the future. That’s the true size of the opportunity for your business on Twitter.

Grow your community

How to increase Twitter followers who are highly relevant is a priority for many businesses. Here are tips to help you do just that today:

  • Add a Follow button to your website
    This tactic can drive awareness for your Twitter account while making it easy for people to follow your business by clicking on any of your web pages.  

    Click to choose a button to add to your website. 
  • Promote your @username everywhere 
    Don’t just expect people to find you on Twitter. Give them visual cues by putting your @username on online and offline collateral like business cards or store signage. 
  • Tap into your existing customer base
    Sync your email contacts with Twitter  and we’ll tell you who to follow.
  • Get found with hashtags
    Join industry-related conversations and connect with influencers through hashtags like #smallbiz or #shopsmall.
  • Collaborate with others
    Double your return without doubling your effort. If you’ve developed a promotion with another business, share content back and forth between your respective Twitter accounts. 
  • Do more with a followers campaign
    If your goal is to quickly gain more followers, we offer an ads solution with precise targeting to help you reach your ideal customers. 

Engage your followers

Once your community begins to flourish, maintain a loyal Twitter following by interacting with them in relevant conversations. Here are several ways that your business can stay front of mind with followers throughout the year. 

  • Collect feedback to build a better business
    Make it a two-way conversation by posing open-ended questions. Ask which products or services your followers want to see more of, then reply back with your appreciation for their input. 
  • Tap into real-time programming 
    For series premieres, finales, or new episodes of your favourite TV shows, try tweeting along with followers in real time to find points of interests.
  • Feature seasonal, cultural, and industry events
    Shared experiences cause natural spikes in real-time conversations so broaden your content strategy to include holidays, trade shows, conferences, sporting events, and other occasions that are relevant to large groups of users on Twitter.

  • Launch a product on Twitter
    Plan your tweets a couple of weeks in advance and build momentum by counting down to the big day. Include photos and videos to give followers a sneak peek of the launch then follow up after the reveal with additional information.
  • Twixclusives
    Simply put, it’s an exclusive offer on Twitter that your followers can’t find anywhere else. If your content is really compelling, you’re more likely to get retweets that could attract new followers.