Create a profile for your business

Your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. It’s the entry point for your audience on Twitter, so it’s important to invest the time in getting it right. Learn how to to set up a Twitter business page to drive potential customers to your profile. 

Every element of your profile — your photo, header bio and pinned Tweet — should reflect your business identity and personality. Use them to showcase your best content.

Here are the fundamental components of your Twitter profile page and how you can maximise their impact:

Profile elements numbered

  1. @username 
    Your @username, also known as your handle, is your business’s unique identifier on Twitter. It should be 15 characters or less and should be memorable and representative of your business so that you can be easily found. 
  2. Profile photo 
    Choose a photo that visually represents your business and fits well in a small space. This image isn’t just on your profile page; it will be shown as the icon in every Tweet you post. Choose something that is instantly recognisable. Logos work, but you can also feature a person or character.

    Recommended image size: 400x400 pixels. Image is automatically resized to fit. 

  3. Bio 
    You have 160 characters to tell your story with a clear, concise bio that describes your business, products or services. Tell people why your business is unique and why they should follow you. You could also add in useful information such as opening hours and location. 
  4. URL
    Make it really easy for potential customers to find your website by including a trackable link. 

  5. Header image 
    Get extra creative with your header and showcase your business with a large, rich image. You could feature products or services, or you could edit the image to include copy which highlights a special sale or promotion. 

    Recommended size: 1500x500 pixels. Image is automatically resized to fit.

    Note that the header photo is cropped to a 2:1 aspect ratio on mobile. 

  6. Pinned Tweet 
    Use this feature to get maximum exposure at the top of your profile timeline for your best Tweets. Click on the “more” option on the Tweet you want to pin and select “Pin to your profile page”.