An online retailer increases brand awareness

Pact Coffee (@pactcoffee) is on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee. The 14-person Pact Coffee team source, roast, grind, and deliver fresh coffee to homes and offices across the UK.


Pact Coffee wanted to grow their customer base by increasing awareness among a broader audience of interested consumers. They also wanted to use Twitter as a platform to interact with customers and exchange recommendations. To help them achieve their business goals they created a Tweet engagements campaign with Twitter Ads.


Targeting coffee enthusiasts in the UK.



campaign impressions

increase in Retweets

peak engagement rate

"Of all the online marketing channels we’ve used we found Twitter’s targeting capabilities by far the most accurate and the best."

— Stephen Rapoport, Founder, Pact Coffee

Keys to success

Create multiple targeted campaigns

To reach people likely to be interested in their content, such as food and coffee lovers, Pact Coffee identified influential accounts in these areas, such as @ocado (an online supermarket) and @guardianfood (an account for food lovers).

They then used follower targeting to promote their Tweets to people similar to the followers of these accounts. Pact Coffee segmented their campaigns, each targeting a unique group of usernames. This allowed them to create customized content and more easily track which audiences were responding best to their offers.

Monitor and adapt your campaigns

Pact Coffee monitored their campaigns throughout the day. This allowed them to more quickly identify which types of targeting worked best so they could optimize their campaigns more effectively.

Be involved in your community

Paying attention to relevant Twitter conversations enabled Pact Coffee to keep their content fresh and timely. This helped them to create impactful Tweets that resonated with their customers. 

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